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“What is learned in sport can be applied to life. What is learned in life can be applied to sport.”

Jack J. Lesyk, Ph.D., CC-AASP, Sport Psychologist

Dr. Pillow integrates clinical training, experience, and performance psychology knowledge, to develop an individualized approach for each performer/athlete or team request.

Services include:

  • Private individual performance or life adjustment counseling at my office or through media format as appropriate (e.g. Zoom)
  • Consultations for parents, coaches and other staff
  • Available for presentations on numerous athletic topics:
    • Development of Mental Skills (Mental Toughness)
    • Managing Stress and Anxiety
    • Improving Focus and Attention
    • Improving Confidence, thus improving Performance 
    • Avoiding Underperformance (No more choking!)
    • Regulating Emotions during practice and competition
    • Utilizing Mental Skills to facilitate recovery  following injury or other setbacks

Delivery model:

  • Clarification of concerns utilizing clinical interviews and, as needed, appropriate assessments
  • Develop a plan centering around the client's concerns
  • Teach and support the client's attempt to develop the required mental skill sets required for success
  • Identify and resolve interfering emotional, behavioral, relationship difficulties that are hindering a sense of well-being
  • Add or perhaps rebuild strategies for improving and sustaining mental skills (Mental Toughness)                                              necessary for optimal performance

Examples of treatment goals:

  • Elevate performance by improving attitude, motivation, goal identification, and appropriate communication skills
  • Use insight to better enjoy one’s experience and participation in their sport or occupation
  • Learn to better regulate and use anxiety during competition
  • Develop and understand the importance of preparatory skills necessary for optimal performance
  • Learn how to cope with adversity, injury and rehabilitation following setbacks
  • Strive toward becoming a great teammate thus fueling team cohesion
  • Strengthen focus and concentration
  • Regulate and recover from negative emotions during practice or competition
  • Understand the difference between mental health issues versus performance issues in the disruption of performance

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