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Clinical/Sport Psychologist       

"I never Lose, I either win, or Learn"-Nelson Mandela



Dr. Pillow has been in private practice for over 35 years.  He has been dedicated to assisting others to lead happier, more productive and emotionally healthy lives.  During his career, he has taught at the university level, and has worked with both sport related issues as well as treating  numerous mental health/life adjustment issues. soccer athlete with soccer ballIn addition to his private practice, Dr. Pillow is currently employed as the Sport and Performance Psychologist for Oakland University’s Department of Athletics, located in Rochester, Michigan.

Dr. Pillow has always possessed a passion for helping athletes enrich their lives through their sport, regardless of age, gender, or ability level.  Specifically, Dr. Pillow has worked with athletes and their families from over 25 different sports, and at all levels, including middle/high school, college, professional and Olympic levels, in their quest for reaching a higher potential, whether for athletic competition or occupational success.

In employing both his  clinical skills and training in sport/performance issues, Dr. Pillow seeks with his clients, whether individuals or teams, to identify and assess the required mental skills fundamental  to  performance enhancement and/or performance restoration.  That information is then integrated into an individualized plan that strengthens the athlete’s mental toughness and assists them in reaching their desired performance goals. 

Additionally, Dr. Pillow  provides short term counseling focusing on life adjustment issues that are impacting student athletes in the areas of social, emotional, academic, and/or athletic performance.  While Dr. Pillow works with athletes, teams, and coaching staffs, he also integrates into his work the unique needs of athletic trainers, team physicians, sport dieticians, strength and conditioning coaches and other support staff for integrated service provision.

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